Alopexx Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Thomas T. Thomas as Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Gerald Pier Presents Preclinical Data at ASM Microbe, June 10th, 2022, showing “Vaccination Against The Broadly-Expressed Microbial Antigen PNAG Prevents Cognitive Decline In The APP-PS1 Mouse Model Of Alzheimer’s Disease”.

Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley and Dr. Michael Whalen were Awarded $748,114 from the Department of Defense to Investigate the Role and Targeting of PNAG in Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Pathology Following Traumatic Brain Injury. Project to start by September, 2023.

Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley and Dr. Gerald Pier were Awarded $245,324 from The Infectious Diseases Society of America Foundation to Investigate the Mechanism of How PNAG-Microbial Material Impacts Neuronal Tissue. Project started 01.01.22.

Dr. Daniel Vlock Presents at the 3rd Annual Vaccine World Asia Congress, November 17, 2021. The title of the talk was “Synthetic Oligosaccharide-Conjugate Vaccine AV0328 - A Novel Broad-Spectrum Vaccine for the Prevention of Serious Bacterial, Fungal and Protozoal Infections”.

Dr. Gerald Pier and Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley Receives $75,000 Grant from President and Fellows of Harvard College to study the Role of the Borrelia Surface Polysaccharide PNAG in Virulence and Immunity in Lyme Disease. Project started 09.01.21.

Dr. Gerald Pier and Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley Receives $362,174 Grant from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation to Validate that Immunotherapies Targeting the Conserved Microbial Surface Polysaccharide, poly-N-acetyl glucosamine (PNAG), Can Prevent Cognitive in a Murine Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Project started 08.30.21.