Immune Therapeutics For Microbial Diseases

Alopexx is a clinical-stage biotechnology company seeking to reduce the world’s reliance on antibiotics

Our Vision

Our vision is to use a broad-spectrum immune approach to prevent a wide-variety of microbial infections and other immune-mediated diseases utilizing active vaccination and passive immunotherapies that will have a meaningful impact on personal and public health.

A Broad Spectrum Immune-Mediated Alternative

We have developed two immune therapeutics capable of preventing and treating microbial infections without the use of antibiotics, including antimicrobial resistant (AMR) organisms. Unlike antibiotics, immune therapeutics are not associated with the development of resistance as they make use of the host’s immune system and are not excreted into the environment at low levels that promote the development of antimicrobial resistance.

The Target of Our Immune Therapeutics

PNAG or poly N-acetyl glucosamine is a critical component of the microbe’s surface allowing it to adhere to tissues and to survive in the body. Beyond the critical role PNAG serves in helping microbes survive, it has a remarkably wide distribution. PNAG is found on the majority of fungal and bacterial microbes. With rare exception, virtually every microbe we have examined has PNAG on its surface. To date over 75 separate microbial pathogens have been found to express PNAG. This wide distribution of PNAG makes it an ideal target for immune therapeutics and provides, for the first time, a broad-spectrum solution.

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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Alopexx seeks to address one of the greatest medical threats facing humanity – the rise of AMR. That is the assessment of the CDC, World Health Organization and virtually every other health authority. A recent analysis found in 2019 that there were an estimated 4.95 million deaths worldwide associated AMR.

What is needed is a broad-spectrum alternative that could prevent or reduce the need for antibiotics.

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