Joyce E. Myers, MD

Vice President, Clinical Development

Dr. Myers is board certified in Diagnostic Radiology and Psychiatry with 30 years of both clinical and research experience in academics and industry, primarily in psychiatry and neuropharmacology. She received her BA and MD at Temple University.  She completed residency training in diagnostic radiology and psychiatry. While at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic she completed a residency and fellowship in Mood Disorders and Neuropharmacology before joining the faculty.  She has held numerous positions both in clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry.  While at Boehringer Ingelheim she was involved in the development of Talsaclidine for the treatment of Alzheimers disease. She was also responsible for the regulatory  approval of Micardis  for use in the management of hypertension.  As Director for CNS Medial Affairs at Janssen Pharmaceutica she worked on the clinical development of Risperdal and Topamax in the treatment of mood disorders.