Brad Hodges, PhD

Research Scientist

Brad Hodges was the founder and CSO of Prothelia (Alexion) and has been a consultant for Valerion since 2009.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the early-stage development of small molecule, protein-based and gene therapeutics for treatment of rare diseases.

Scott Borneman, PhD

Analytical Chemist

Scott Borneman has over 28 years experience in bioproduct research and development. He is founder and president of  Borneman Consulting. He is a Technical and Strategic consultant in Bioprocess Downstream, Analytical, Characterization, and Formulation Development.   Previous affiliations were held at Eli Lilly & Co, Inc. / AME, Epicyte Pharmaceutical, and Genencor International.

Ellen Garber Stark, PhD

Molecular Biologist

Ellen Garber Stark is a molecular biologist and biotechnology expert with 25 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience. Previous affiliations include Biogen, Inc., and Merck Research Labs.  Currently she is an independent biotechnology consultant.

Fred Taylor, PhD

Protein Chemist

Fred Taylor has 20 years industry experience as a protein biochemist and antibody engineer. He is currently an independent consultant and has been providing research support to biopharmaceutical client companies.  Previous affiliations include positions at Biogen, Inc. in the Protein Engineering Department and The Jackson Laboratory.